J. & D. Stauch chassis

Renovation of veterans

We are a family firm which was established in 1991. We specialize in renovation and building of new car bodies made of steel or aluminium sheets, restoration and production of new radiators for all old-timers made of copper, brass or German silver sheets.

The workshop is equipped with machines which ensure a professional result of our work which can be viewed in our „gallery“. The body renovation is done with restored chassis whose wear and tear and rigidity are examined. Building a car body leads to a required result only if the car´s chassis is level and flawless. Then, the body does not expand or is not stuck anywhere and the car can reach perfect driving conditions. We also use pressing tools and split dies for repetitive work. Traditional renovation procedures are enriched by many years‘ experience and modern technologies not only in the area of forming sheets but especially in the TIG and WIG way of welding aluminium, copper, Ms and bronze. The expertise in renovation is based on not only experience but also education in the field of museum work specialized in metal restoration.

Based on our preceding agreement, we provide car bodies and other parts chemically treated without any paint, or varnished with a high gloss finish or an intentional patina which matches the rest of the renovated object.

If you wish to see results of our professsional work in person, you can visit the Transportation Hall of the National Technical Museum in Prague, where three exhibits which we renovated and restored are displayed. It is racing Wikov 7/28, Jawa 750 with an aerodynamic body built in 1935 for the 1000 Miles‘ Race and the Benz automobile from 1914 with Brožik body built for Prince Schwarzenberg.

We are able to make old-timers which are more than 100 years old work even if a part or parts are broken, damaged by unprofessional repair or they are missing. We can make a wooden pattern for casting mechanical parts, including crankcases, heads and blocks of engines. We can also create drawing documentation on created and renovated parts. In some cases of renovation we can also get the photographic documentation and the original drawings from archives of museums and clubs which we have a long cooperation with, for example the NTM Archive, Auto Skoda Museum, BMW Club or the Bugatti Owners Club in England.